Fact Checking Policy

We strongly value being correctly clear and exact with our words, headlines, and URLs because we understand that words have the most power. Writers for vicharsuchak.com are required to check the facts they obtain and produce at all times. The information that they collect includes personal identifiers such as names, locations, fact-based statements, and accounts. Writers employ their own discretion and information in the light of our Ethics Policy to do their own fact-checking. Vicharsuchak.com is committed to accuracy and will utilize fact-checkers both online and within the editorial team as needed. We are dedicated to being nonpartisan, open about our sources of information, and willing to listen to constructive criticism in order to improve. To ensure the accuracy of what we publish, we double-check all information with related parties before making it available online.

If we receive a claim regarding fact-checking on our website, we first contact the source of the complaint for further explanation and evidence. Furthermore, we reach out to individuals and groups who would be able to provide more information or direct experience on the matter at hand. Beyond that, we also explore pieces of relevant literature (news articles, medical and scientific journal articles, books, transcripts of interviews, statistical sources) that could shed some light onto the topic.

We choose to utilize unbiased facts and data sources from our peers, as much as feasible. We also advise readers that information and data from sources such on political advocacy organizations and sided parties should be evaluated cautiously.

After the writers have completed their work, it is handed over to our editors for evaluation. Depending on the subject and level of complexity, other members of the editorial staff may contribute additional research and modifications to the writers’ work before it goes through the hands of our editors. Any piece that fails to meet one or more editor’s criteria is subjected to further editing and evaluation before being published.